One Big Family



La Buona Trattoria del Nonno represents the culinary experiences and sentiments of the owner, Ben Muscat Snr. Having set up several successful restaurants in the past, several which have become household names, he decided to come out of retirement in 2012 to develop his desire to present to his esteemed clients his perception of a genuine Trattoria, based upon his extensive experience. A real legend to Maltese gastronomy.


Lara Grima

Nonno’s daughter, Jake, Kane & Kate’s mother and Gordon Grima Baldacchino’s wife… the brains behind our famous Spare Ribs. Lara is her children’s mentor who has always played a part in helping them evolve the Trattoria to what it is nowadays. An amazing cook herself, Lara’s love and passion for food and hospitality truly shines through her children.



A perfectionist and an accounting wizard, Jake and Kane complement each other beautifully. Jake is in charge of all the back of house work and handles the kitchen pass as an abbayé, something his grandfather did all throughout his life.

Director / General Manager


Born & bred into the catering world from a young age, Kane is an extremely passionate young restaurateur with an absolute passion for the kitchen and front of house. Renowned for his leadership qualities, by his early twenties, Kane has been awarded as the Best BA Hons. Hospitality Student in the UK and has been responsible to recruit numerous of his previous London colleagues back to the trattoria.

Restaurant Manager


Originally from Italy, Gianluca began his career at Le Pont del La Tour in 2014 as a commis waiter. By 2018 and after a short stint in another pinnacle restaurant In Paris, Gianluca was the youngest ever manager within the D&D group – A company with over 40 restaurants. He then joined La Buona Trattoria del Nonno as Restaurant Manager in the summer of 2019 and it has been a success story since.

Assistant Manager


Originally from Genoa, Italy; Giacomo began his career back home before moving to London. He is also another London colleague that saw Malta and Kane’s project as an opportunity to continue learning and growing. We call Giacomo our #Dancer because he literally “moves like Jagger” on the floor. His constant smile and happy vibes make him a favourite amongst many Guests and we are very proud of his Fantastic work.

Executive Chef


a Maltese-Australian with a high pedigree background who decided to return back behind the stove after a few years out. Chef Stephen, has successfully led the kitchen brigades of various prestigious international brands before joining us. Yet, at La Buona Trattoria del Nonno, it is the family atmosphere that has sparked
his return to the kitchen most notably with the brothers Jake & Kane Palmier and of course with the Nonno himself.

Head Chef


The “Grill” master with a true passion and love for the kitchen. Nonno has entrusted Paul to monitor the situation of our Garden where a lot of fresh organic vegetables, fruits & herbs are harvested such as Cherry Tomatoes, Rucola, Chilli Peppers, Mint, Basil, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme & so much more. Of course, these are then used in the kitchen of La Buona Trattoria del Nonno to consistently ensure high quality.

Sous Chef


More known as ‘ Saikhou’ he has grown up the ranks at Trattoria del Nonno. A family man and loyal person who goes over and beyond to help Nonno. Today, he’s become a fantastic chef and is highly respected and loved by all members of staff. We are so proud of all his hard work and thankful for everything he’s done with all the Family.